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Turnkey Gas Lift Compression Systems to Meet the Requirements of Any Well

LiftRock™ Integrated Lift Services provides comprehensive planning, design, and installation of site-built gas compression systems, providing a single, responsible source. The bottom line is that your system is brought online faster, with fewer issues going forward. In addition to overseeing all aspects of planning and installation, we bring unmatched expertise in the design and fabrication of gas compression solutions.  Discover the value of experience that LiftRock brings to your well.

Turnkey Services

  • Procurement of all system components,
    valves and flanges
  • Turnkey construction labor
  • Installation of electrical and heat-trace elements
  • Installation and testing of all control equipment
  • Telemetry equipment and installation
  • Turnkey commissioning and startup
  • Project management and oversight

Turnkey Benefits

  • One accountable supplier
  • Unmatched experience in the field
  • All components and their installation included
  • One invoice for all required components and labor

EnviroTank™ Gravity-Fill, Gas-Release Waste Liquids Tank

LiftRock’s EnviroTank™ is an environmentally responsible tank solution that is designed to collect waste liquids via gravity fill, preventing soil contamination and ground water pollution at the wellsite.  With few moving parts, the EnviroTank is an efficient solution for helping operators mitigate the risk of water and soil contamination.

EnviroTank is delivered directly to the wellsite and positioned below waste producing equipment, allowing waste fluids to be collected in the tank via gravity flow.

Once EnviroTank is full of liquid, an interior float activates a valve, using available gas pressure to pump the waste fluid from the tank. When the tank is emptied, the valve is moved to the closed position and the tank’s gas pressure is vented off. This allows waste liquids to again fill the tank via gravity feed.