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Eliminate emissions.
Reduce gas-lift costs.
Cut construction time.
Improve performance.

QuickSet™ by Liftrock™ is a patented, unitized, scalable skid-mounted gas compression system that delivers game-changing advantages in artificial lift. Quickset reduces methane emissions by 98%, cuts construction time, and gives operators a positive impact on lease operating expenses from day one.

Environmental Protection.
QuickSet eliminates a key source of methane emissions. When QuickSet is on the job, there is no longer any need for problematic liquid storage tanks at the well site. In addition, QuickSet eliminates the need for liquid-dump line methanol injection and scrubber dump liquid shutdown events once and for all.

Construction Time Savings.
QuickSet drastically cuts installation time and the need for skilled labor. The skid-mounted system is manufactured and tested prior to delivery and requires minimal piping connections at the well site.

Lower Operating Expenses.
QuickSet provides a positive impact on lease operating expenses from day one. On a four-well pad producing just 250 barrels of oil per day/per well, QuickSet can save more than $700,000 over a three-year lease when compared to a traditional installation.

Improved Cashflow.
QuickSet saves operators money up front and gets wells online faster to maximize revenue and cashflow.

Complete Service & Support.
Lift Rock’s own skilled installation and technical specialists provide all the turnkey installation, service and support needed for the life of your QuickSet system.